Vitamix Blender

Vitamix Blender

Vitamix Blender – One of our favorite high powered blenders are the Vitamix blender.  This blender, like the Blendtec blender will make a huge difference in your blending needs.  In our opinion, you cannot go wrong using this blender for you needs.

Candy Apple Red A3500 Rglam 620x620 gray - Vitamix Blender

ascent a3300 blackmetallic rightglam 620x620 - Vitamix Blender

Ascent A3500

Ascent A3300

ascent a2500 black rightglam.jpg 620x620 - Vitamix Blender

ascent a2300 black rightglam 620x620 - Vitamix Blender

Ascent A2500

Ascent A2300

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