How To Use Blendtec Blender

blendtec blender - How To Use Blendtec Blender

How To Use Blendtec Blender

How To Use Blendtec Blender – Blending allows you to easily consume food. It is good for the baby and the old ones, but do not think it is not good for you. One study disclosed that people who drank blended soup found they feel hungry about an hour longer than the whole food meal. Indeed, if we measure the effects in terms of currency, you save a lot of money when you use a blender.

Here are the reasons why

First of all, you do not have to go to expensive gyms and clinics for a fat off program. With blended soups, you eat less due to reduced food cravings.

Second, you spend less on snacks and other processed foods.

Third, you spend less on medical costs because you eat healthy.

This is because when you blend your meal, you are likely to feel fuller longer, not to mention the nutrients your body derives from it!

Here is one amusing comparison for you – just imagine yourself eating or drinking the apple. In the apple study, the researchers compared the apple puree, fruit and fruit juice. The most obvious among the three is that eating a bunch of apples takes longer with a lot of chewing and salivation and swallowing. You can drink the same in a glass of apple juice in 30 seconds and drink the puree in under a minute.

Of course, this is what we get following a high-pressured lifestyle. You are probably taking a timer now on how long you eat an apple. If you have to be in some place as soon as you open your mouth to eat, a smoothie would be best for your body’s nourishment. Gets you energized in less time as possible.

As we all know, blending won’t have much impact on fiber. Fiber is the one responsible for the viscosity of the liquid. Mashing the fiber into small pieces only enhances its availability and prebiotic effects.

On the other hand, blending makes it easier to eat your vegetables. And, dumping everything from avocados to greens can help you dump your excess fat too.

Here is one super tip about how to increase collagen formation using a blender. Dump an avocado seed into your blend and gain 70% of the antioxidants found in avocados. Are your eyes opening wide now? Me too…

Avocado seeds can help increase collagen formation, keep your joints supple and your skin moist, make you appear younger and wrinkle free plus bring more shimmer to your hair.

Now, what kind of blender can actually blend hard avocado seeds. Buying a Blendtec Blender may help you join the smoothie revolution. Here is how you do it

Let the avocado seed dry for about 2 days. Split the seed in half. Let it dry for another 2 days. The inside of the seed should be pinky tone, but if it is black, you have to discard it.

After 4 days of drying, you can chop the seed in preparation for blending. Blend in a high powered Blendtec Blender until smooth. This trick works like a charm.

Of course, to make the smoothie with all your magic ingredients, you have to place them all into your Blendtec Blender. Blend until you obtain the desired consistency. Enjoy the energy. Enjoy beauty.

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