Five a Day the Easy Way – New Years Resolutions

Five a Day the Easy Way – New Years Resolutions

My sister-in-law is a health care professional who recently was told that one of the best ways to loose weight is to exercise 30 minutes daily and eat any combination oDesigner 725 stainless wildside refurb.20876bcd - Five a Day the Easy Way - New Years Resolutionsf 5 fruits and/or vegetables every day.

Curious, her husband decided to give it a try. The results? He did loose weight, but said eating 5 servings of fruits or vegetables daily was a lot harder than he thought it would be.

What he needed was a Blendtec Total Blender. Every morning he could have blended up a smoothie made up of any combination of bananas, apples, strawberries, pineapple, mango, pomegranates, pears, or raspberries. Fruit juices like cranberry juice, apple juice, or orange juice are also good to add to the mix. A tomato or carrot also adds to the variety. The left overs go in the fridge to enjoy throughout the day as lunch or a snack.

By blending your 5-a-day together, eating any 5 fruits or vegetables daily is quite simple because they are transformed into a delicious and very portable drink. Blendtec blenders make it easy to do too because you don’t have to chop everything up before you put it in the blender, and it still produces a very “smooth smoothie”.

Now, that just leaves the 30 minutes of exercising….

To learn more about Blendtec blenders and the ease of eating healthy, click on the link.

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