Fast and Easy Blendtec Breakfast Smoothie

Fast and Easy Blendtec Breakfast Smoothie

Creamy pineapple and strawberry breakfast smoothies 3 500x375 300x225 - Fast and Easy Blendtec Breakfast SmoothieNutritious breakfast in 5 minutes? With the Blendtec blender this is reality. Every morning my husband makes a breakfast shake for us. It only takes 5 minutes to make and my husband has lost 20 lbs! Go ahead and try it for yourselves.

Fill your Blendtec jar to the top with your choice of mixed fruits such as:

· Cut apples

· Whole strawberries

· Banana

· Cut Pear

· Cut Oranges

· Any frozen fruit medley found in the freezer section of your store. We really like the one with pineapple, mango, banana, and strawberry that you can buy from Walmart for around $8. By using some frozen fruit, we don’t need to add any ice.

· Some diet cranberry juice

· A few scoops of whey protein powder

· A few scoops of cold milled ground flax (we like the FlaxUSA brand)

Turn the blender on and you’ll have a healthy, delicious breakfast shake in no time. Save any extras in the fridge and have it for lunch too!

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