Why Buy Vitamix Blenders?

Candy Apple Red A3500 Rglam 620x620 gray - Why Buy Vitamix Blenders?Why Buy Vitamix Blenders?

Why Buy Vitamix Blenders – Looking for the perfect juicer?  Interested in an ice cream machine?  How about a machine that could do all those things plus make perfect smoothies, cook soup, puree homemade baby food, and blend any whole food?  You need to buy Vitamix, the best blender in its class. 


When you buy Vitamix blenders, you are getting the industries highest standards in quality and functionality.  The Vitamix blender has a new container that is made of an all-new material just developed this year by Eastman called Tritan™.  Tritan is a copolyester, which is as strong and durable as polycarbonate, yet was formulated without BPA.  


Vitamix 5200 blenders also have the new easy-to-remove lid with “flaps” makes for smoother operation and a new twist-off lid plug means that it’s easier—and safer—to add ingredients for recipes like chunky soups.  There is no need to worry about any thing “splashing” or “spinning” out. 

Best of all, at the heart of the Vitamix 5200 is a new and more efficient 2 peak horsepower motor.  This motor has been custom-designed—just for Vitamix—to run substantially cooler when processing the heavier-than-normal mixtures such as peanut butter and ice cream.   Plus the new container also features improved sound damping during certain operations so your neighbors will never know you are running a blender with a 2 peak horse power motor! 


From warranties, to customer service, to performance, the decision to buy Vitamix is one you will never regret.  So go ahead and buy Vitamix.  You’ll love the entire experience. 

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