Blendtec Testimonials

Blendtec Testimonials – They are everywhere!

You will recognize the unique look of Blendtec products in stores all over the world! Now you can have your own commercial grade machine just like the pro’s!!


designer blender 150x150 - Blendtec Testimonials“Training with the Blendtec blenders has been really simple because, with the preprogramming and giving us as the operators the opportunity to set up the machines with a 1-2-3 button push, the necessity for training is not as great as it was in the past. In the past it was at the discretion of our employees to determine when a drink or product was at its perfect servability as opposed to here- push a button, set it up and let it go.”

Randy Wong
Director of Operations

“You know, there are a lot of different blenders out there and we have tried several of them and we found that the Blendtec blender just far surpasses them in performance, in quality, and in strenght. They just make a smooth drink all the time, don’t leave ice chunks, and as far as we are concerned, it just seems to be a top of the line blender.”

Shawn Cook
Development Agent

“Blendtec, per se, has been reliable, it has been consistent, which is important in a product. Customer service has been fantastic, outstanding to the point that you need something, you get it. If there is something wrong with a piece, boom, you get it. Blendtec, again, has been fantastic on response time. I am very pleased with their equipment and what it does for our product.”

Mario Feijoo
Planet Smoothie

“I think Blendtec has the best tool in the industry because of its ease of use. The smoothies are very easy to use: just at the touch of a button. You just touch a button and 20 seconds later the smoothie is ready to be handed out to your customer and it is easy cleanup, just rinse the jar under water and it is ready to go. And also, Blendtec is an easy company to work with because they don’t just sell you the blender and then are gone. They work with you for new recipes, to get them to the right consistency, and they are always ready to help you out any way they can. The Blendtec blender makes a perfect smoothie every time.”

Jennifer Shoemaker
Brand Coordinator

“The consistency we get with the Blendtec BDI and BD8 is absolutely fabulous. It is one of the main reasons our customers continue to come back to us and order the same drink every day, every week, or actually try new products because they know what they get today is what they are going to get tomorrow and the following.”

Charles Ballard
VP of Operations

“We wanted a blended smoothie product. We didn’t want a pre-made product. Our gold standard was to have a blended product. So we went out and did an evaluation of all the top blending equipment out there and just based on paper we found that the Blendtec product was the best product on the market. Then we started working with the people at Blendtec and we found that they were great people, not just a good blending company.”

Paul Colligan
Development Manager
Ocean Spray

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