Blendtec Blender Design

Blendtec Blender Design – Things you should know!

The Blendtec Blender Design: HP3A blender  was designed for the ultimate versatility for any lifestyle. From a whole foods diet to the best creamy milkshakes. This 3 horsepower blender will do it all!

BT R D675 CC 2HL WS 0.a4f10f6c 300x300 - Blendtec Blender DesignIce, Frozen Fruit, Raw Foods & Dry Grains – No Problem!
With 1500 Watts (3 horsepower), 13 Amps and Blendtec’s unique power drive system, you’ll have the most powerful tabletop appliance on the market ensuring the right texture with even the most difficult ingredients.

The Smartest Blender Around!
The K-Tek blender’s microprocessor will do the work. That’s right – no more dangerously shoving ingredients down into the blade with a spoon or spatula. The microprocessor automatically changes the blade speed drawing ingredients into the blade, giving it a smooth, consistent blend. One touch operation and automatic shut off will allow you to multitask in the kitchen.

Patented 64-oz Square Blending Jar Will Do It All With No Attachments!
The 64 ounce jar is great for even the largest blending jobs. The advanced square design delivers a complete blend by forcing ingredients into the wide, heavy duty blade, eliminating the need for a tamper. This jar will blend both wet ingredients and grind dry ingredients. Add an extra jar for only $59! (see below for details)

Easy Clean Up
Dishwasher safe, or self-cleaning–just add two cups of water and a drop of liquid dish soap and hold the pulse key for five seconds.

Compact Size
Designed to slide back and fit under your upper kitchen cabinets for convenient storage. The Blendtec Blender weighs only 6.8 pounds with a height of only 15.5 inches.

Everyday Use
Blendtec blenders are used continuously in the best restaurants, coffee houses, smoothie shops and gyms. Built for durability and daily usage, The Champ HP3A Blender will provide years of trouble-free use, backed with an three-year warranty on the motor base and a lifetime warranty on the coupling and blade.

To learn more about the Blendtec Blender, click on the link.

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