The Benefits of a Blendtec Wildside Blender

Blendtec Wildside Blender

red total refurbished 700x700.20876bcd - The Benefits of a Blendtec Wildside BlenderWhatever your experience with ingredients, the Total Blendtec Wildside Blender will blend things faster and more easily than other blenders because of its unique combination of high speed motor, patented square jar, single prong wingtip blade, direct drive coupling, and computer controlled blend cycles.  For even more of your favorite blended concoctions, try the WildSide HP3A Blender – 3 Qt (96 oz) Container & 4″ Blade.  The  Blendtec WildSide blender has a 3 qt jar instead of a 2 qt jar allowing you to make some now and save some for later!



We hear all the time from health professionals to eat more fruits and veggies.  However, it is extremely difficult to chew large quantities of produce in the variety that is recommended.  Blended food is the answer. You can prepare all manner of concoctions using the Blendtec WildSide blender, which are delicious and nutritious. As a bonus, drinks, smoothies and sauces are blended to smooth perfection in a remarkably short period of time making them enjoyable to consume. 


Ever had a grainy “smoothie”?  There is very little palatability in a grainy drink that is supposed to be smooth.  A bad texture takes all the pleasure out of trying to eat healthy.  This problem is easily fixed with the right blender.  Blendtec Total Blender does a fabulous job of mixing and blending all your ingredients into a wonderfully smooth “smoothie”.   You can also toss in all the whey protein powder and milled flax seed you would like to boost nutritional value without affecting the texture.   Don’t be scared by the price tag.  A Blendtec Total Blender will definitely earn its keep.   

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