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pineapple header 800 275 copy - About UsHaving families of our own, we know how important it is to be informed when making decisions about investing your money. Whether it’s from making smart investments on Wall Street or which car will hold its value the longest, you need an expert in the field to help guide you in the right direction. 

The fact is that it can be expensive to live healthy these days and even more expensive to live unhealthy. Just ask your doctor!  

For example: Just pop down to your local health food store and see how much a bag of organic flour will cost you. By purchasing wheat berries, corn, or rice (and much more) and milling your own wheat you can now have whole food products at a fraction of the cost. It’s simple, it’s easy and it just makes sense. These machines make it possible for you to save money and live healthy  

If these machines can make such an impact on your life, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to guide you on your decision on which one would last longest, be most user friendly.. ect?  


Now you can take advantage of BuyBlendersOnline.com years of experience when making your decision to purchase one of these amazing machines and start your journey on to healthier, hassle free living. 

Located in Utah, BuyBlendersOnline.com is aware of the need for cost effective ways to help families eat more healthy, however we know that everyone has a need to fill the sweet tooth craving. So why not bring to the consumer the opportunity to have the commercial quality smoothies they often pay $5 or more for at their favorite smoothie shop or coffee shop. Or how about delicious strawberries dipped into chocolate fondu made just seconds ago? 

One of our favorites, buckwheat pancakes with fresh blueberry syrup all made from scratch in minutes. 

The sky’s the limit with the Blendtec Total Blender.  

Who would have thought that a machine that looks like an ordinary blender could be so much more and make such a difference in the lives of people all over the world! 

Thank You for visiting our site and we invite you to join our blog, post your comments or suggestions! 

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